Notable Places To See In Myanmar

travel and leisure redbankAre you planning to visit Myanmar? Then you may want to know more about this mysterious and remarkable destination in Asia. The country offers some of the most notable historical sites that can easily attract travellers to tour this country in South Eastern Asia.

There are many touristic attractions travellers can enjoy in Myanmar. Temples, gardens, and museums are some of the great places to see for many travellers.

One of the most popular touristic destinations that attract many travellers to spend their holidays in Myanmar is the capital city of Yangon. The city is highlighted with many statues of Buddha in different sizes.

The City Of Gardens

Nicknamed “the city of gardens,” Yangon city features many gardens, natural parks, and diverse tropical trees. There are also several museums and temples around the city and many of these attractions are usually included in travel packages.

The Golden Pagoda

One of the city’s popular tourist destination is the Shwedagon Pagoda. This spectacular architectural masterpiece is highlighted with a wonderful dome that was built in the Stupa style of building. Its dome was elegantly coated with 800 slots of gold, jewellery, and diamonds.

This 2500 years old pagoda is one of the most significant Buddhism religious foundations in Myanmar. Written all over the dome of the Pagoda are Buddhism verses, which is why the dome symbolizes knowledge. It stands at 1600 meters and surrounded by wonderful ornaments, the dome is truly majestic and highly regarded by many travellers touring Myanmar.

Hlawga National Park

This national park in Yangon stands as one of the most favourite touristic spots in the country. So if you love gardens and parks, then you should not miss this enchanting location. Located around 30 kilometres away from the centre of Yangon, the park features its large impressive lake that was built in the 1920s. The 800 acres of land also houses more than 70 rare kinds of animals and more than 85 kinds of birds.